How to Make a Slideshow on Facebook

Want to get more likes and comments from your friends on Facebook? Posting a video slideshow, instead of just photos, can be a great way to get more engagement. Here’s how to make a video slideshow with your photos using Animoto.
Making your slideshow video

Step 1: Log in to Animoto
First things first, you’ll need to log in to Animoto. If you’re not already a user, you can click here for more information.

Step 2: Select a video style
Once you’re logged in, click on the Create button to get started and then select a video style. You can sort styles by a variety of Personal, Business, Education, and Photography categories. In this example, I’m selecting our newest video style Memory Box.
Animoto Video Style Selector
Note: If you’re not sure about the style just yet, that’s fine. You can always go back and change it later by clicking on the “Style” tab at the top of the page.

Step 3: Add photos and video clips

Once you’ve selected your style, you’re ready to add your photos and videos to your slideshow. To do so, click “Add pics & vids” on the left. Then you’ll have the option to import pictures and videos from a variety of places, including your desktop, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Flickr, or SmugMug.
Animoto Import Media
If you’re trying this out for the first time, try making a slideshow using photos from an album on Facebook — collections of photos from a single event or trip make for great slideshow content and it’s easy to import all of the photos from a Facebook album into Animoto. To make my video, I’ve imported a collection of photos from a Facebook album of photos from a hot air balloon ride I went on.
Animoto Video Editor

Step 4: Reorder your photos & add titles and captions

Once your photos are imported, it’s time to get organized. Click and drag to move your images around to get them into the position to best tell your story. Then, hover over images and click to add captions or use the “Add text” option on the left to add title cards.
Adding a caption Animoto
Adding a title Animoto

Step 5: Preview & produce your video

Once you’ve got all your photos in order and your titles and captions added, click PREVIEW VIDEO to see what it looks like. If you don’t have any changes to make, click PRODUCE to complete the creation process. Don’t forget to add a title! You can also add a date, producer name, and description.
Produce Video Animoto
Here’s how my video turned out!

Step 6: Share your video

Once you’re video is ready to go, just click the Facebook button under “SHARE” on the right side of the play page.
Share Animoto Video
This will open up a popup window where you can easily swap between sharing to your timeline or to a page you manage, add a description, and post.
Share Animoto Video to Facebook
When you share a video to Facebook directly from Animoto, rather than being posted as a link the video will be uploaded to the platform. This is great because native video gets more engagement than links. You can read more about this on our blog.

Here’s how my video looks after I posted it to Facebook:
Animoto Video Facebook

Optimizing your slideshow video for Facebook

Want to get the most out of your Facebook slideshow video? Here are some tips:
  • Keep it short. Facebook users have short attention spans so try to keep your video down to only the best photos and video clips.
  • Start with an eye-catching photo. When video is auto-playing in the News Feed, this will get your friends to stop and keep watching.
  • Use titles and captions to tell your story. This will help keep people engaged.
  • Ask a question in your description to entice more of your friends to comment.
  • Include video clips in addition to photos for added pizzazz.

What’s your experience been like when you’ve shared videos on Facebook? Leave a comment and let us know!