How to delete old messages?

You may want to delete just one message (or a few) out of your entire history. Or, you may want to clear your chat history to start a new conversation without the distraction of old text hovering above, or to hide the information from potentially prying eyes.

Step 1, tap here and go to your Messages

Step 2, enter someone who you want delete message on Search Box

Step 3, tap on their name:

Step 4, tap option icon 

Step 5, choose Delete

Step 6, tap Delete 


First, you have to login Facebook, please click here:

Next, click here and go to Facebook messages:

Then, type people name who you want delete messages in Search Box:

I delete messages with Nida :

Next, click Actions ~> Delete Messages:

Now, tick messages you want delete:

After that, click Delete:

Finally, click Delete messages:

Done. If you want delete conversation, click Actions ~> Delete Conversation:

And, click Delete conversation: