How to clear the Facebook Activity log?

Is it possible to clear the activity log on Facebook? If so, how can I do it?

The activity log of the timeline is a feature introduced months ago with the profile updated to the new timeline. In short it is a log of all activities that relate to the profile, the actions taken, such as likes clicked, wall posts, comments, shares, and even the researches performed on Facebook. Everything that is associated with the profile is stored in the activity log in chronological order.

To access the Log visits your diary and click on the “Activity Log” button in the lower right corner of the cover photo. Or just click here to access:

On the activity log you will find a number of news per day listed and classified by category. From the top of the menu you can choose which news filter to easily find the ones that interest you. Every message you can click on the icon for the Visibility in the diary that allows you to hide the news from your diary (leaving the post on the activity log to decide whether to make it visible at a later date) or delete it permanently from Facebook.

Warning: the hidden news may appear elsewhere on Facebook. This means that if, for instance, a friend commented on your status update and you hide the status from your timeline, friends may still see the updates on their ticker or news feed, with a history “Tom commented on the status update of Jerry” . The only way to hide all the stories created is to eliminate the news. In addition, a news hidden will always be accessible from its direct link.

In addition to hide a news story or a post to everyone, from the activity log you can control the privacy settings of certain types of news. In this way you can control who can see the things that you post directly from the activity log without having to go to visit your timeline or the individual pages of each post.

Choose the level of privacy you want. For things posted on your diary you can, for example, choose a customized privacy and choose to hide them to one or more people.

Delete searches from activity log

Not long time ago Facebook introduced the history of research carried out by yourself on Facebook in the activity log. The function can be accessed directly from this page. No one besides you can see your activity log and then no one besides you can consult this list, but you may need to delete one or all of the research carried out. To delete a search:

Open the activity log and select Search from the menu on the left sidebar of the page. The activity log will show all searches made in chronological order. If you want to delete a single search:

1. Click on next to the voice related to your research

2. Click on Remove

If you want to clear the entire list of research activities from the register please click on the Clear button at the top of the activity log to delete all your researches and at the same time permanently.